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April 19

100 Guitars!

I just got the score and the details for the Rhys Chatham piece I’m playing in this June in Birmingham. Now, time to get practicing!  

March 18

100 guitars

I’m really excited! I’ve been selected as part of the 100 guitar orchestra that’s playing the UK premier of Rhys Chatham’s “A Secret Rose,” at the Frontiers Festival in Birmingham on the 7th of June.

March 10

A blast from the past

Back in the 80’s and 90’s in NYC, I had a funk band called, “Your Monkey’s Not Funny.” (And sometimes called, Calamity Jane, Spiny Norman, but never Vicious Fishes.) There were a lot of members who went through the band – at one point it was 10 members and I wanted to add a horn […]

January 18

Film soundtrack project

Lights Out by Chris Leslie My friend, the documentary photographer and filmmaker, Chris Leslie has been working on and off for three years on a film project called “Lights Out,” about the closing of the Bluevale/Whitevale public housing complex in Glasgow and I’ll be providing the soundtrack. From Wikipedia: “Faced with crippling housing shortages in the immediate post-war period, the city undertook […]

January 17

Why Audio Never Goes Viral

An article from Digg on audio vs. video on the internet.  Worth a read. Why Audio Never Goes Viral.

December 18

Music acts fear they wont make waves if they dont play radio events for free | Helienne Lindvall | Media |

An interesting take on the nature of radio promo in the brave new world of the music business.  Is this a new version of payola or the only way to stay in business? Music acts fear they wont make waves if they dont play radio events for free | Helienne Lindvall | Media |

November 24

Live Music from Cinema Volta

My friends Jackie and Stephen have started a series of salons in Dennistoun called, “House Music.” I had the privilege of performing last night along with the artist Sue Tompkins. The feeling in the room was great and it resulted in some very nice performances.   I’ve mixed the recordings of the performance and released […]

September 03

Another influence

I’ve added another person to the Influences playlist – Syd Barrett, the founder of Pink Floyd. Toward the end of his time with Pink Floyd, there were stories of him simply playing one chord throughout an entire performance. I used to think that was odd, but now I think he might have been onto something. […]

August 29

Musical influences

I’ve put together a collection of composers and performers who have influenced the creation of “Music Chamber.”  I think you’ll be able to see a common thread here. All of these pieces have a focus on the resonance and sonorities created by massed voices, whether human or instrumental.  You’ll find Rhys Chatam, Glen Branca, György Ligeti, […]

August 25

Free download of new album, “Music Chamber”

I’ve released the “Angels” pieces as an album called, “Music Chamber.”  These are the high quality masters of the tracks, which I highly recommend listening to.  Because of the nature of the music, a lot of the overtones and “phantom” voices are lost with the compressed streaming versions. I’ve put these up on the “name […]