Monthly Archives: July 2005

More rain

Some more rain and the sound of an empty flagpole. 2005-07-31

Rain on S

For the next two weeks I’ll be exploring “pure” ambience and posting a series of 60 second recordings of the sounds of the Stockholm archipelago. 2005-07-30

Distant voice

Once again exploring the same process. 2005-07-29

Another simple loop

Still playing around with the setup, doing a few tweaks and trying it with a cello patch this time instead of using my guitar. 2005-07-28

Simple loop

Just a variation on yesterday’s setup, the EBow is back. It’s really difficult not to overplay, so I’m working on playing less. I still think I could be even more sparse, so I’ll probably be working with this setup for a while. 2005-07-27

Echo Blues

Same technical setup as yesterday, minus the EBow. This is sort of a blues in A minor, sort of . . . 2005-07-26

Harmonized echoes

Pretty simple – ebow guitar with pitch shifted delays and a long looping delay run into the acoustics of Lau Kyrkan and its standing waves. 2005-07-25

Machine Duet

This is a duet between the feedback/delay machine and me on bass. 2005-07-24

Just the shell

This time it’s all feedback and delays. 2005-07-23

Loop 9

Getting further and further away from the source, I took the result from yesterday and used it to generate feedback. 2005-07-22