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June 22

Just What Exactly is Apple Up To?

Published earlier today on Medium There are a lot of articles analysing Apple’s new music service. (James Cridland’s got a good list of them here.) The majority of them are coming from tech journalists, and unfortunately, they suffer from a major lack of knowledge of how the music business actually works. They are worth reading, but […]

May 29

And the beat goes on . . .

It seems clear now that the headphones and the streaming music service are secondary acquisitions for Apple – with the Beats deal, they’ve just acquired the head of Interscope records. I would expect an announcement of an Apple record label fairly soon.

July 25

Google’s Solution to Bringing Online Video to TV | MIT Technology Review

If the user interface is good, this could be the step Connected TV needs – at $35, it’s a great price and by being so simple, it’s far more flexible than an Apple TV. Google’s Solution to Bringing Online Video to TV | MIT Technology Review. Related articles Why Google Chromecast isn’t quite Apple TV… […]