Monthly Archives: March 2005

Old school

Still hammering away at the same source material. This time it sounds like the early days of analog synths. 2005-03-31

Simplify, simplify

Another variation. It’s much simpler, but I’m using one of the MIDI tracks to control a filter with the resonance turned way up to add an additional, “ghost” voice. I used the same technique on the environmental recordings used in the soundtrack for “Retina.” 2005-03-30 By the way, this is day 60 – I’m 1/6th […]

One more time!

Just some more subtle tweaks. 2005-03-29

And again . . .

Just some subtle variations on yesterday’s theme’s 2005-03-28

Fresh start

Here’s some new stuff. I’ll probably play around with some variations on this one in the near future. This began its life as Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Web Phase instrument on this site. 2005-03-27

C’est fini

Here’s the final mix of the soundtrack for the video. 2005-03-26 The piece will be shown in New York on April 6th as part of an evening called “Made in the Shade – Video Works by Cora Mancini and Matias Aguilar.” It’s happening in Tribeca at DEKK- Restaurant Bar Lounge Screening Room 134 Reade Street […]

Stage two

Almost done with the video soundtrack. It’s still in very rough shape, but it’s getting closer. 2005-03-25