Monthly Archives: March 2005

Old school

Still hammering away at the same source material. This time it sounds like the early days of analog synths. 2005-03-31

Simplify, simplify

Another variation. It’s much simpler, but I’m using one of the MIDI tracks to control a filter with the resonance turned way up to add an additional, “ghost” voice. I used the same technique on the environmental recordings used in the soundtrack for “Retina.” 2005-03-30 By the way, this is day 60 – I’m 1/6th […]

One more time!

Just some more subtle tweaks. 2005-03-29

And again . . .

Just some subtle variations on yesterday’s theme’s 2005-03-28

Fresh start

Here’s some new stuff. I’ll probably play around with some variations on this one in the near future. This began its life as Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Web Phase instrument on this site. 2005-03-27

C’est fini

Here’s the final mix of the soundtrack for the video. 2005-03-26 The piece will be shown in New York on April 6th as part of an evening called “Made in the Shade – Video Works by Cora Mancini and Matias Aguilar.” It’s happening in Tribeca at DEKK- Restaurant Bar Lounge Screening Room 134 Reade Street […]

Stage two

Almost done with the video soundtrack. It’s still in very rough shape, but it’s getting closer. 2005-03-25

Terra familiaris

Back on familiar territory with another exploration of the variations brought about by arrangement. 2005-03-24

Work in progress

Coralia Mancini, a video artist from New York has asked me to create the score for a new piece she’s showing at the beginning of April. It’s based on the tune from 2005-02-01. I’ll be posting what I’ve done each day until it’s finished. Today, I took a seven minute track and turned it into […]

I think we’ve been down this road before.

Still exploring how seemingly minor variations on the same settings can have major results. It raises the question – what makes the piece, melody or arrangment? The melodies of the last three pieces have been identical, but they have almost no similarity because the voices are different and the structure of each piece is slightly […]