Monthly Archives: September 2005


This is a phasing piece, but more structured than usual for me. There are two melodies, one played by three cellos, the other by three violas. Each group of instruments plays the same melody several times at three different tempos, 120, 100, and 80 beats per minute. They stop playing at the point when they […]


Tweaking yesterday’s mix here. I’ve added more delays and resonators and moved it to a different space in the final mix. 2005-09-29


I took the setup from the 24th and slowed it way, way down and added some modeled analog delays. The idea is to take more time to explore the resonances in the space. 2005-09-28

Even more

This is a variation on yesterday’s track with new instruments and a different space. 2005-09-27

More sounds

Here’s some more phasing loops, placed in Laukyrkan. 2005-09-26

Sounds in space

Just some sounds moving through Gasverket. Inspired by Morton Feldman, but sounding more like David Tudor. 2005-09-25


Some slow phasing loops placed in the ballroom at Drottningholm Palace in Stockholm. The notes for the melodies were chosen for how they triggered resonances in the reverb. I used Rayverb for this one because it is much more “tweakable.” 2005-09-24