November 24


Live Music from Cinema Volta

My friends Jackie and Stephen have started a series of salons in Dennistoun called, “House Music.” I had the privilege of performing last night along with the artist Sue Tompkins. The feeling in the room was great and it resulted in some very nice performances.  live from broompark

I’ve mixed the recordings of the performance and released them on the “name your price” site,Bandcamp, where you can download them in a variety of formats, including FLAC, which will give you the same quality as CD.

Download the tracks at: 

The liner notes:

Music Chamber is a collection of ambient solo guitar pieces, each with the title, “And Flights of Angels Sing Thee To Thy Rest.”

The pieces are improvisational in nature, and can vary significantly from performance to performance.  The live recordings from the night in Broompark make a very nice contrast to the original versions.