Monthly Archives: October 2005

A little more weight

Did some tweaking and added something on the low end. 2005-10-31

Proceeding with glacial slowness

Next step in the development. I’ve added another track and made a lot of modifications as far as the routing sounds to the delays go. Just trying to thin it out a bit to give the echoes more room to breathe. 2005-10-30

2nd step

No big change, I just added another instrument doing something slightly different. 2005-10-29

1st step

I’ve carved it up a bit and let the delays take more of a role. We’ll see where this leads us. 2005-10-28

Forward into the past

All these delay pieces have inspired me to go back to a way I worked a long time ago – slowly building up layers to create a soundscape and then cutting away sections to form a structure. Over the next few days I’ll be doing that with this track. 2005-10-27

Mid autumn

I’ve brought back the EBow. This is using the harmonized delays and the four loopers. Other than that, no tricks, just a guitar improvisation. 2005-10-26

The day after that

I was pleased with the way this setup worked with traditional backing, so I tried it with non-traditional accompaniment. I had the feedback machine play along with the track from the 23rd. 2005-10-25

The following day

After listening to yesterday’s track a couple of times, I thought it might go well with other instruments. I took all the delays and synced them to a tempo and added a fairly traditional rhythm section to it, playing a slow groove. 2005-10-24

Sunday morning

Still exploring what can be done with a guitar and multiple delays. This one has four harmonized multitap delays going into four cycling loops with different lengths. Once again, most of the effects used are free: Harm-Z, Delayifier and Looplex. 2005-10-23


I used the same setup as yesterday, but this time, I played with my EBow and, finally, a new scale. I also dug out another old piece of gear – my SansAmp. I have the very first model, from when they were being built in the back room of Rogue Music on 30th St. in […]