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September 29

Helping Bands Play to the Crowd, Long Before the Show – NYTimes.com

Only 15 shows booked so far, but an interesting idea – sort of the Air BnB of concert booking.  If this could be combined with the new trend in concerts in private homes, it could get really interesting. Helping Bands Play to the Crowd, Long Before the Show – NYTimes.com.

May 16

The Web is where it all went wrong

Yesterday the internet was alight with celebrations of the World Wide Web‘s 20 year jubilee. I marked it with a moment of silence in memoriam for the internet that might have been (and possibly could still be). Don’t get me wrong – I’m a big fan of the web and the irony of the fact […]

November 20

Early days on the ‘net: Now what do I do with this thing?

So, I began to play around with my new found global connectivity. I quickly mastered using Pine for email (and became a dedicated Pico user as well. Never could get my head around EMACS). Fortunately, Panix offered hints as to useful things. I played around with Gopher and became a fan, checked out this new […]

September 03

Early days on the ‘net

I open the VT100 emulation program, type, “ATDT,” followed by a string of seven digits and hit, “return.” I hear the sound of a dial tone, followed by DTMF tones, followed by a shrieking and hissing noises – then silence. I’m connected at a screaming 2400 bits per second. The screen prompts for my username […]

Remembrances of things past

I’ve reblogged a great article with a poor title from GigaOm, “The one big thing that newspaper visionaries didn’t foresee.” That article brought back so many memories, particularly the memo from 1992 by Robert Kaiser, a former editor at the Washington Post. I won’t rehash any of it here, I strongly recommend you go read […]

Towards Hypermusic

Originally published at MIT‘s Leonardo On-Line in 1998 Experience While connecting to the Internet, the screaming of two modems arguing about their handshaking protocols finally stops when they come to an agreement. The modem speaker is turned off, but the modem continues to translate digital information into an acoustic signal: music for machines, perhaps. It […]

Turning Cybercasts From Music Promotion to Art Form

From @ New York 1998 With the opening of the latest incarnation of the Intel New York Music Festival, a great deal of attention is being paid to the novelty — and commercial and artistic potential– of cybercasting. But “Cybercasting” itself is nothing new:

Sound On The Internet

From Developer.com 1997 The conventional wisdom among IT professionals is that audio is a toy, for entertainment purposes only. To date, the best use of audio in user interfaces is in video games and CD ROMs. But thanks to faster processors, sophisticated new algorithms, and well-thought-out new APIs, user interface designers stand poised to take […]