Monthly Archives: April 2005

And furthermore – –

I’ve taken yesterday’s track and made it a bit blurrier. I’ve also converted to Just Intonation. 2005-04-30 It took three programs to get it this way: Garage Band, Logic Express and Cubase SX 3. I wish I could combine all the features into one program.


I liked yesterday’s tune, so I made it twice as long, and twice as slow. 2005-04-29


Expanding on yesterday’s track. 2005-04-28 By the way, with yesterday’s release, we’ve hit the 20% mark. Yesterday’s piece was #73. Perhaps now is a good time to consider a donation via PayPal or Amazon. You can contribute as little as a dollar or one Euro:


A meditation. 2005-04-27


I’m having a strange interlude . . . . 2005-04-26

. . . and again –

Modification of yesterday’s to make it a bit fluffier. 2005-04-25

Going backwards to go forward

Here’s a blues in A: 2005-04-24