About Oden Konsult

Oden Konsult provides technology consulting in the areas of digital media production and enterprise architecture – “from lens to screen and everything in between.”

Oden is the Norse god of the intellect and poetry.  He had two ravens, Hugin and Munin (Thought and Memory) who would fly around the world in opposite directions and then land on his shoulder and whisper in his ears what they had seen. In essence, Oden can be seen as the god of the Internet and of media.

Through its production arm, Oden Ateljé, we offer full-service media production services in the UK, US and Sweden.

Oden Konsult was founded at the start of 2004 by John Maxwell Hobbs, currently the Head of Technology for BBC Scotland and the former Chief Information Architect for the Corporate Web Group of Ericsson, the international telecommunications company.