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November 20

Early days on the ‘net: Now what do I do with this thing?

So, I began to play around with my new found global connectivity. I quickly mastered using Pine for email (and became a dedicated Pico user as well. Never could get my head around EMACS). Fortunately, Panix offered hints as to useful things. I played around with Gopher and became a fan, checked out this new […]

September 03

Early days on the ‘net

I open the VT100 emulation program, type, “ATDT,” followed by a string of seven digits and hit, “return.” I hear the sound of a dial tone, followed by DTMF tones, followed by a shrieking and hissing noises – then silence. I’m connected at a screaming 2400 bits per second. The screen prompts for my username […]