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September 03

Another influence

I’ve added another person to the Influences playlist – Syd Barrett, the founder of Pink Floyd. Toward the end of his time with Pink Floyd, there were stories of him simply playing one chord throughout an entire performance. I used to think that was odd, but now I think he might have been onto something. […]

July 29

What’s the new A&R?

In my previous post, I discussed the recent announcement by Thom Yorke of Radiohead that he was pulling his music from Spotify. This announcement has caused quite a stir, with lots of people taking pro and anti Spotify positions.  It’s important to have this sort of debate, but the focus on Spotify is causing people […]

July 24

Spotify is not a record store, it’s a radio station!

Reflecting on the link I posted about Thom Yorke quitting Spotify, I kept thinking about the statement in the article that, “The industry average offers slightly less than 0.4p a stream – meaning that 1m streams of a song would generate about £3,800. Most songs receive far fewer streams.” The problem with this statement is […]