Film soundtrack project

Lights Out by Chris Leslie

My friend, the documentary photographer and filmmaker, Chris Leslie has been working on and off for three years on a film project called “Lights Out,” about the closing of the Bluevale/Whitevale public housing complex in Glasgow and I’ll be providing the soundtrack.

From Wikipedia: “Faced with crippling housing shortages in the immediate post-war period, the city undertook the building of multi-storey housing in tower blocks in the 1960s and early 1970s on a grand scale, which led to Glasgow becoming the first truly high-rise city in Britain.  From the early 1990s, Glasgow City Council and its successor, the Glasgow Housing Association, have run a programme of demolishing the worst of the residential tower blocks, including Basil Spence’s Gorbals blocks in 1993.
The buildings are also unique in their construction – featuring hydraulic jacks in their foundations to combat sway due to their height.”

Chris gained a distinction award for a Masters in Documentary Photography course for his project – Hope, memories, loss and community – telling hidden stories of regeneration throughout Glasgow, including the closure of Paddy’s Market, Jaconelli Eviction, and the demolition of Oatlands in Sighthill. He continues that work today with his long-term multimedia project – The Glasgow Renaissance.

Now that both blocks are empty of residents he’s looking for funding / interest to get the short film completed and the work screened / published. If anyone out there has any leads please contact me.