Monthly Archives: November 2005

Variation for piano

This is a piano variation on the original track. It’s different than yesterday’s variation in that it is not a layering of the same melody line – instead, the piano is playing the lines from all the voices. 2005-11-30

Variation for voices

This is a variation of the piece using only the voice line. It’s back in the cistern. 2005-11-29

Faster decay

I took yesterday’s structure rules and applied it to a reverb with a shorter decay time. The piece is much faster and much shorter, but it still retains the space and feeling of slowness. 2005-11-28

Slow decay

This is a generative loop piece. Each instrument plays one of three notes, and then waits for the sound to decay to silence before playing the next note. The whole thing is placed in the reverb from the cistern which has a 45 second decay. 2005-11-27

Cyberlama chorus

Here’s six Delay Lamas singing in Upsalla’s Domkyrkan. 2005-11-26


Delay Lama is a free VST instrument that is perfect for using with a joystick controller. I had a great time with this one and want to do more. 2005-11-25

Still playing

Another joystick track. I’m just enjoying playing free and not thinking about structure or key right now. 2005-11-24

Dreaming in a tunnel

Yesterday’s joystick performance with different sounds. 2005-11-23

Sleeping in a tunnel

Still more of the joystick controller experiments. 2005-11-22

Just a ghost

Almost the same setup as the last two days, but this time, the only sound generator is the filter itself. 2005-11-21