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August 19

Some new music

I’ve just finished a three part guitar piece called, “And Angels Sing Thee To Thy Rest,” and here are the rough mixes of them. They are very simple pieces each in an open tuning, and all of them played into a massive reverb. Part 3 was written for David Gamper and performed at his memorial […]

March Loop

I only took four years, but here’s a new one: March Loop by Cinema Volta


Another new track and this time you didn’t have to wait six months for it. This track was made very simply with just my Les Paul, my eBow and a really long, dense reverb courtesy of RaySpace. There were no looping or harmonic effects used at all, which is unusual for me. Infinite guitar 1 […]

New stuff

Here’s a new track done with a new guitar on a new computer with new software in a new apartment in a new city in a new year. I recorded this in my flat in Glasgow with my brand spanking new ebony Les Paul custom on an Intel iMac using Cubase 4. New Guitar 2, […]

Summer’s here

I told you this would be sporadic. Here’s a slow guitar mediation. It’s just something dashed off pretty quickly, has a lot of distortion, but I like it anyway. Guitar Mediation One, June 16, 2006.

Sten Hanson’s birthday

Sten Hanson recently had a birthday celebration at Fylkingen here in Stockholm. Sten’s old friend and my fairly new friend Charlie Morrow was not able to make it over from New York for the event, so he asked me to assist him in a collaborative piece. He chose two tracks, one of his and one […]

Guitar Meditation Three

Here’s another Guitar Meditation. Guitar Mediation Three, March 26, 2006.