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July 10

Crossing the inflection point

My latest column on the state of the media industry is up at IBC 365. I discuss how we’re the media industry is at an inflection point, one in which we have no clear view as to where we’ll end up, or who the winners will be.

February 06

Building a worse mousetrap

Here’s my latest opinion piece at IBC365 on the way “good enough” is changing in the broadcast industry:

November 04

Talking about the future of traditional broadcasting

I’m really excited to be giving one of the keynotes for this year’s conference of the International Associates of Broadcast Manufacturers on the 4th of December in London. I’m talking about how traditional broadcasters can adapt to a radically changing world.

August 21

Netflix reaches 1.5m UK subscribers for its internet video service | Media | The Guardian

Netflix is now responsible for 30% of all internet traffic in the UK during peak viewing hours. Netflix reaches 1.5m UK subscribers for its internet video service | Media | The Guardian. Update: Either I misread the article originally, or it’s been changed, but the 30% figure refers to US Internet traffic, and not the […]

August 19

CBS/Time Warner dispute causes sharp rise in TV piracy | Company News content from Broadcast Engineering

Pretty compelling evidence that most media piracy is driven by a search for convenience rather than a desire to get something for nothing. What we have is two giants battling over crumbs while ignoring the fact that they are standing on the deck of a ship that is both sinking and on fire. CBS/Time Warner […]

July 29

What’s the new A&R?

In my previous post, I discussed the recent announcement by Thom Yorke of Radiohead that he was pulling his music from Spotify. This announcement has caused quite a stir, with lots of people taking pro and anti Spotify positions.  It’s important to have this sort of debate, but the focus on Spotify is causing people […]

July 25

Google’s Solution to Bringing Online Video to TV | MIT Technology Review

If the user interface is good, this could be the step Connected TV needs – at $35, it’s a great price and by being so simple, it’s far more flexible than an Apple TV. Google’s Solution to Bringing Online Video to TV | MIT Technology Review. Related articles Why Google Chromecast isn’t quite Apple TV… […]

July 24

Spotify is not a record store, it’s a radio station!

Reflecting on the link I posted about Thom Yorke quitting Spotify, I kept thinking about the statement in the article that, “The industry average offers slightly less than 0.4p a stream – meaning that 1m streams of a song would generate about £3,800. Most songs receive far fewer streams.” The problem with this statement is […]

July 22

TV Foresees Its Future. Netflix Is There. –

It’s not about the delivery mechanism, it’s about the shows! TV Foresees Its Future. Netflix Is There. –

July 31

The end of TV or just the end of the aerial?

The House of Lords have proposed that Britain should move all TV services to the internet and free the airwaves for mobile services. On the surface, this looks like a bold statement, and in many ways it is, but it’s also a safe bet. The writing has been on the wall for a while now. […]