Monthly Archives: February 2005

On the verge of exploding

Controlled feedback, using tools in ways that weren’t intended. I used both my G4 and my Powerbook, with the reverb running on the Powerbook and fed back into itself with a delay. I had to ride the faders the whole way through to keep thing from blowing up. I couldn’t have done this without Rayverb […]

Pythagorean voices

Using a JI 12 tone pythagorean scale for this one, for those of you who know what that means. Anyway, it’s another Song for a Sunday. 2005-02-27

Enough with the @#!%& bells!!!!

You can blame Dave Gamper for this one. He told me he played these two tunes at the same time and liked it. Here it is: 2005-02-26

Over-reliance on technology

This was recorded using JunXion from Steim. It lets me turn a gaming joystick into a musical controller. 2005-02-25 There was far too much technology involved in this one. 1. Logic Express 2. JunXion 3. WormHole 4. Rayverb 5. Amadeus II Also, I’ve made it possible for you to add comments to these posts, so […]

Just the smile

An attempt to take the piece from the 6th and remove everything except the reverb. Not completely the way I wanted it, but it’s a start: 2004-02-24

These bells are getting to be a bit of an obsession


Spooky action at a distance

On the factory floor: 2005-02-22


The last two days’ tunes felt a little lonely so I combined them in a mutated fashion. 2005-02-21

Another . . .

. . . song for a Sunday. 2005-02-20

Cheap and expensive

This one was done with a mix of cheap, semi cheap and expensive tools – Garage Band, Pluggo and Cubase SX. 2005-02-19