Monthly Archives: February 2006


And one to grow on . . . 2006-02-14 This track is a summation of the entire year’s output, rendered by iTunes Signature Maker. It examines a group of files, extracts what’s similar and combines them into a single audio file. If you want to stream all 366 tracks, here’s an MP3 Playlist. If you […]

The End

Here it is, the 365th and final track of this project. This is a piano study placed in Gasverket. The timing and duration of the notes comes from the decay of the reverb. Each note was held until the sound had completely decayed, then the next note would be played, selected somewhat at random. At […]

Big tank

Here’s a quick and dirty didjeridoo track set in Gasverket, a huge, brick gas tank here in Stockholm. 2006-02-12

Filtered harmonies

This is a pretty version of yesterday’s track. 2006-02-11

Harmonized chaos

This is a very simple, linear track that uses a MIDI gate and a MIDI controlled filter along with a harmonic generator and some simple patches. 2006-02-10

Random control

Here’s a MIDI loop piece with lots of delays, filters and reverb. 2006-02-09


Still playing with filtered delays, but this time I got my didjeridoo involved. 2006-02-08