Monthly Archives: May 2005

Version #6

Moving over to piano 2005-05-30

Version #5

Moving in the direction of a piano. 2005-05-30

Version #4

Today’s version 2005-05-29

Version #3

Just taking this through a number of different mutations. 2005-05-28


A variation on yesterday. By making it slower and changing the voices, some of the intervals and the tuning, it doesn’t feel as sad. 2005-05-27


Instead of working from a technique or a set of sounds that interested me, I set out to create a track that reflected my mood today, using fairly traditional means – no tricky effects or patches, just some standard sounds and a little bit of reverb. This is sort of a canon and does a […]

A little tweeky

Still traveling down the same river here. I took yesterday’s didjeridoo recording and added a more processing, using the sound to control even more parameters. I’m working on getting this setup to work more smoothly and responsively – I think there’s some potential buried in here somewhere. 2005-05-25

. . . and deeper

Another didjeridoo track using the same system as yesterday. This time it’s controlling the parameters of a different set of effects. I think the control signal to result process is a little more apparent in this one. 2005-05-24 By the way, this is the 100th track so far.

Digging deeper

I expanded on yesterday’s idea. This time, the audio signal from the didjeridoo is being used to control a number of the effects parameters. So, as the playing gets more active, so do the effects. 2005-05-23

Delayed response

This is a very rough, quick sketch for something that needs to be explored further. I’ve created a whole set of effects that are only triggered when the didjeridoo goes above a certain volume. There’s a lot more that can be done with this approach. 2005-05-22