February 06

Building a worse mousetrap

Here’s my latest opinion piece at IBC365 on the way “good enough” is changing in the broadcast industry: https://www.ibc.org/production/blog-building-a-worse-mousetrap/2652.article

January 22

AI and the media industry

My latest column is up at IBC365.  I give my views on the increasing hype around the potential for AI in media. https://www.ibc.org/tech-advances/i-for-one-welcome-our-robot-overlords/2625.article  

January 22

Net Neutrality

I’ve written an article attempting to make sense of the net neutrality debate. You can read it at IBC365 https://www.ibc.org/delivery/the-battle-for-net-neutrality/2633.article

December 08

Outsourcing and the broadcast industry

My latest opinion piece is up at IBC365.  I give my views on outsourcing and the broadcasting industry. https://www.ibc.org/content-management/focusing-on-the-core-the-importance-of-outsourcing/2582.article

July 13

Just Because Your Cat Has Kittens in the Oven, That Don’t Make ’em Biscuits

Here’s my latest opinion piece for IBC 365, covering the clash of cultures between IT and broadcasting: https://www.ibc.org/delivery/technology-v-culture-the-art-of-making-and-delivering-tv/2064.article?_ga=2.228132957.138508793.1499935580-421349024.1491219481

July 06

BBC Wales and Live IP

I’ve written an article for IBC365 about BBC Wales’ bold move into using IP transmission for video.  https://www.ibc.org/consumption/building-the-future-bbc-wales-all-ip-facility-/2044.article

June 21

Creative engineering

I’ve expanded on my blog post about engineers role as creative collaborators in the music business and how film and television could learn from that.   https://www.ibc.org/production/learning-lessons-from-the-music-industry-/2014.article