July 10

Crossing the inflection point

My latest column on the state of the media industry is up at IBC 365. I discuss how we’re the media industry is at an inflection point, one in which we have no clear view as to where we’ll end up, or who the winners will be. https://www.ibc.org/delivery/blog-crossing-the-inflection-point/2915.article

June 01

Old dogs and new tricks

My latest column is up at IBC365.  In the fresh connected world of IP, do years of experience in broadcast engineering still count, or should veteran technicians just hang up their SDI cables and retire? https://www.ibc.org/tech-advances/blog-teaching-old-dogs-new-tricks/2853.article

April 25

No Such Thing As A Magic Bullet

My latest column is up at IBC356 – I discuss the endless search for a “magic bullet” that will solve all of broadcasting’s problems:  https://www.ibc.org/consumption/blog-theres-no-such-thing-as-a-magic-bullet/2784.article

March 22

Shouldn’t we be having fun?

My latest column is up at IBC365 https://www.ibc.org/production/blog-the-importance-of-fun/2737.article In it, I emphasise the importance of having fun in what we do.

March 12

TV isn’t dead, it’s evolving

My latest column over at IBC356 about the current state of TV in an historical context.  https://www.ibc.org/delivery/blog-tv-isnt-dead-its-evolving/2689.article

February 06

Building a worse mousetrap

Here’s my latest opinion piece at IBC365 on the way “good enough” is changing in the broadcast industry: https://www.ibc.org/production/blog-building-a-worse-mousetrap/2652.article

January 22

AI and the media industry

My latest column is up at IBC365.  I give my views on the increasing hype around the potential for AI in media. https://www.ibc.org/tech-advances/i-for-one-welcome-our-robot-overlords/2625.article