Monthly Archives: December 2005

Guitar meditation 5

I’m still exploring the harmonized guitar delays. This time I’m using a new effect plugin called Loopy Llama. It looks as if my Echoplex is now obsolete – this plugin can do everything it can, and a lot more. I’m using three of them on this track, two are creating phasing loops and the third […]

Guitar meditation 4

This is using exactly the same setup as yesterday. This time I decided to mix EBow and picking. 2005-12-30

Guitar meditation 3

I’m really pleased with what I can do with the harmonizer/delay setup I’ve been using for the last few days. This time, it’s with a very, simple, clean guitar line. 2005-12-29


After playing around with the effects settings from 2005-07-29, I decided to return to the track itself. This is a new version using additional harmonies, the reverb from the cathedral at Rouen and a slightly more complex delay structure. 2005-12-28

Didjeridoo trio

The effects setup from yesterday is quite fun to play with and I like it’s simplicity. I’ve applied it to didjeridoo today without the looper (that’s what circular breathing is for). I’m using my oldest didj today – I bought it almost exactly seven years ago on Charing Cross Road. It’s mouthpiece is in need […]

Bubble and squeak

Since it’s Boxing Day, we’re having leftovers. This is the looping setup from last July 29th used for an EBow improvisation. I’ve adjusted it a bit so that the delays are harmonized before the go into the looper. 2005-12-26

Another Carol

Hope however you celebrate the return of the sun has been fun. 2005-12-25



Late night slow groove

Going a bit further down the same path. The configuration is identical to yesterday, just slower and a different style. This one took a long time to do because I was using so much processing. 2005-12-23

More blips

Almost the same configuration as yesterday, but all the parameters have been changed. I also added a bass track. 2005-12-22