Some new music

Les Paul

Les Paul (Photo credit: ıusnɾ@w|©kedf|lm)

I’ve just finished a three part guitar piece called, “And Angels Sing Thee To Thy Rest,” and here are the rough mixes of them.

They are very simple pieces each in an open tuning, and all of them played into a massive reverb.

Part 3 was written for David Gamper and performed at his memorial concert at Roulette in NYC last year.

Part 1 is in open D on my Stratocaster, using two Spider capos.

Part 2 is in open E on my Yamaha acoustic, also using the Spider capos.

Part 3 is tuned directly to open A on my Les Paul.

I’ll be performing these in an online concert in late September this year.  Watch this space for more information.