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Pulse 6

Even more pulses. 2006-01-25

Pulse 5

More pulses. 2006-01-24

Pulse 4

Continuing with the pulse series. 2006-01-23

Pulse 3

Some different pulses with feedback. 2006-01-22

Pulse 2

Same pulses with some different processing and feedback. 2006-01-21

Pulse 1

Some quiet pulsing noises. 2006-01-20


I took yesterday’s setup and tweaked it just a bit to come up with something a little more ordered and darker in mood. 2006-01-19

Apollo and Dionysus

Here’s a very structured piano and a cello that’s all over the place. This was made with phasing loops, MIDI arpeggiation and a nice little program that forces all the notes into one key. That was necessary for the arpeggiator to stay in tune with the rest of the piece. 2006-01-18

Gilding the lily

I’m using the same looping and delay setup as I have been in the last few days, but this time the input is my didjeridoo. The reverb comes from Laukyrkan in Sweden. 2006-01-17

Feedback study #11

And the last in the feedback series for the moment. 2006-01-16