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Further further recursion

I’ve added even more effects to the mix. 2006-02-04

Further recursion

I’ve taken the setup from yesterday and added some processing on top of the signal output from the feedback machines. 2006-02-03


Back to exploring feedback. I’ve got two feedback machines running that are feeding into two multitap delays that have their own feedback circuits. The audio output of all this is then fed into an couple of envelope followers that control the parameters of the feedback machines. Then the result of that is also feed into […]


I really liked the EBow track from yesterday, so I removed it, did a bit of tweaking and now’s it’s its own piece. 2006-02-01

Delayed groove

Here’s another ambient groove track with my strat and EBow going into many layers of delays and loops. 2006-01-31

Another pass

I added more feedback processors to yesterday’s setup and this is the result. 2006-01-30 This now marks one year since the project began, but since it was suspended for two weeks following the death of my father, it has not yet reached 365 songs. So, I will continue for another 15 days to make a […]

Feeback groove

Just funnin’ 2006-01-29

Another step

I’m working on getting control of all the features available in Augustus Loop. This is an expanded version of yesterday’s track, using the MIDI information from the voice to control the pitch of the loop, but delayed a bit. 2006-01-28

First steps

I now have a shiny, brand-new copy of Augustus Loop, thanks to the kind folks over at Expert Sleepers. It’s a really great software looper, with lots of tweakable parameters and realtime performance control. The thing is, it’s an Audio Unit plugin and doesn’t work with Cubase, which I use. However, thanks to Soundflower and […]

Pulse 7

And the final pulse. 2006-01-26