Daily Archives: 2013/05/18

May 18

Checking out the crystal ball

As I’ve been moving virtual house over to the new hosting service, I’ve dug up some articles I wrote for MIT and others at the end of the last century. I think they make some interesting reading, and I think I got a lot right. Towards Hypermusic – MIT Press 1998 Sound On The Internet – […]

May 18

All change

After 15 years of running two websites of my own, I’ve consolidated and simplified. All of my URLs (http://www.cinemavolta.com  http://www.odenkonsult.com  and http://www.johnmaxwellhobbs.com) all point to the same place – this WordPress site. It’s simpler, faster, more flexible and cheaper – exactly as most internet applications have become. Of course, all my old links are now […]