Monthly Archives: December 2005



Late night slow groove

Going a bit further down the same path. The configuration is identical to yesterday, just slower and a different style. This one took a long time to do because I was using so much processing. 2005-12-23

More blips

Almost the same configuration as yesterday, but all the parameters have been changed. I also added a bass track. 2005-12-22

Funky blips

Another attempt at combining automatic processes with a grove. In this case, I generated a very active, very noisy set of waveforms and then ran that through a gate and filter that were triggered by the drum track. 2005-12-21

And one more

Just another quick, fun little thing done with Garageband. 2005-12-20

Just for fun

Here’s a little Garageband track I threw together just to have a bit of fun today. 2005-12-19

Moving in two directions

The tracks of the last few days have been very static. I’ve been aiming for that feeling for a while. I’ve been looking for a way to have lots of activity within a piece and have it feel like a slow drone at the same time. I think I’m getting there. Now it’s time to […]