Monthly Archives: September 2005


I changed the order of some of the processors and came up with this. 2005-09-20


Same basic setup as the last few, but the tempo is faster, and it hasn’t been placed in any sort of acoustic space. This is just the pure feedback and delays in all their glory. 2005-09-19


And now we’re in Caen. 2005-09-18


This is turning into a French series. Today the feedback machine travels to Rouen. 2005-09-17


I’m really happy that I can do this in real time now, and I really like the feedback machine is doing, so I’m sticking to the process for a bit longer and playing around with spaces. This one is in the cathedral at Rouen. 2005-09-16


I decided to upgrade my computer, so now I can hear all this stuff in real time. I have now upgraded my 6 year old G4 to 1.7 Ghz and it makes all the difference in the world. I haven’t been able to make the commitment to a G5 yet, and this old box has […]


Same connections as yesterday, I just adjusted levels and put it all in a different space in the end. I’m flying blind with these, all the effects are overloading my computer’s processor by about 200%, so this is electronic music done in the old-fashioned way – you set up some programs, make some guesses, start […]


Continuing with the same set up as the last two days. This time, I’ve added some more conventionally musical elements. I think it makes it sound a little ominous. 2005-09-13

Once more

Taking yesterday’s setup and making it slower. It’s in Gasverket now, because today is a work day after all. 2005-09-12


Feedback and delays heavily modulated and then fed into Domkyrkan, because it is Sunday after all. 2005-09-11