Monthly Archives: July 2005

Machine Duet

This is a duet between the feedback/delay machine and me on bass. 2005-07-24

Just the shell

This time it’s all feedback and delays. 2005-07-23

Loop 9

Getting further and further away from the source, I took the result from yesterday and used it to generate feedback. 2005-07-22

Loop 8 Approximately

I took the last two tracks, flipped the phase on one of them and mixed them together at the same level. This has filtered out whatever was in common between the two and left only the differences. 2005-07-21

Loop 7

Same process as yesterday, the only difference is that the source and filter sounds for the convolving have been reversed. 2005-07-20

Loop 6

I took the last two loops and convolved them, then used the output to feed a bunch of modulators. 2005-07-19

Music for real films

This is the end track for a short film I’m scoring. It uses the dialog track a source material for a series of transformations. 2005-07-18 By the way, my technical problems have been solved, and all the links should be back to normal.