Monthly Archives: May 2005

Flogging a dead horse

Continuing with the feedback machine process. This time there’s a slight difference. I used yesterday’s track as the source for the feedback, but this time set up the feedback machine as a send instead of as an insert, so you can still hear the original track beneath the new sounds. 2005-05-11

Second verse, same as the first

Same process as yesterday, using yesterday’s track as the trigger, with another moving filter and a reverb added. 2005-05-10 For those of you who live in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Switzerland, Apple’s iTunes Music store is now available to you. This means that you can buy Cinema Volta albums online. If you live in Switzerland, […]

Round and round

Continuing in the same vein. I took yesterdays track and used it as the source material for the feedback machine I created. I tweaked the parameters a bit and came up with this. My wife thinks it sounds like a Doctor Who soundtrack. 2005-05-09

Sci-Fi music

More experiments in automated music. I set up the initial conditions with just a sine wave triggering everything. This one was done with a whole stack of Pluggo plugins feeding each other. I just have to step out of the way and let them do their thing. 2005-05-08

More random behavior

Made with processes similar to yesterday’s but much less noisy. 2005-05-07


I let the computer play with yesterday’s track. It’s really quite noisy. 2005-05-06

Long glass tunnel

Very sleepy and dreamy. In many cases, I hope that you are able to forget that you are listening to these tracks while you are listening to them. 2005-05-05


Almost the same thing, without the randomness. 2005-05-04

Infuriating . . .

This is completely slapdash and random with very little involvement on my part, and of course, much more interesting and listenable than things that I slave over for hours. The source material is some of the MIDI tracks from Web Phase. 2005-05-03

Getting closer

This is the long, slow version with a big reverb, the original signal subtracted and a new, transposed version laid on top. Basically what you get is a reverb coming back in a different pitch. 2005-05-02