Monthly Archives: May 2005

So you can dance underwater and not get wet

Took yesterday’s track, cut the tempo in half and stuck it underwater. 2005-05-21 A big thank you to the latest contributer for the very generous donation.


Here’s a variation on yesterday’s. Strings instead of piano and now it’s in just intonation. 2005-05-20


This is a very old fashioned type of track for me. 2005-05-19

Attempting to make chaos out of order

I did this track with Garageband, which is a truly amazing program that I wish was available when I was 16 years old. I’m still pretty happy to have it now. Garageband does a great job of pulling everything into line, matching tempos, keys and phrases. I’ve worked quite hard to create something that feels […]

Digital generation loss

One of the fun things about doing recursive processes in the old analog tape world was discovering the interesting sound quality that would arise from the generation loss as you bounced the signal from tape to tape. This doesn’t really happen in the digital world, where copies are perfect. One thing that I have been […]

So, anyway . . .

Just a big wash of sound. Press play, sit back, relax and ignore it. 2005-05-16

25% !

This project is now one quarter of the way through. To celebrate that, I morphed two of my favorite tracks so far. Can you guess which two they are? 2005-05-15

Return of the long wooden tube

As promised yesterday, the dijeridoo makes a return appearance, this time sent through the feedback machine and a whole bunch of frequency and spectral processors. 2005-05-14

Slamming into a brick wall at full speed

I reintroduced the feedback machine with a few modulation and panning twists. I think I’ve taken this path as far as I can at the moment. Tomorrow – the return of the long wooden tube! 2005-05-13

Slightly veering to the left

Similar processes to the last few, but no feedback this time. There’s delay lines and moving filters. Amazing to think that this all began with a simple sine wave. 2005-05-12 A big thanks to the person who sent a donation yesterday.