Monthly Archives: March 2005

Another view

Same setup as yesterday with completely different results. 2005-03-21

Nu vi har vår

It’s the first day of spring. 2005-03-20

Along the same lines

Some more guided randomness. Not feeling very volitional these days. Mainly waiting for spring to come to Scandinavia. 2005-03-19

About time

And now, back to some beatless ambience. 2005-03-18

What th-!?

Took yesterday’s tune and turned it into a big Metal mess. Could have been big in the 90s I guess. 2005-03-17

A much needed break

Just playing around with Garageband. It’s really a fun program and the results can be quite satisfying. 2005-03-16

Getting a little obsessive

Oh no – – again??? Yesterday’s was a bit of a trainwreck, so I got up this morning and re-did it. I promise to have something different tomorrow. 2005-03-15

Once more with Felix –

Still exploring the same terrain. This time I added some drums. I had to completely redo the bass then. The bass part is still sketchy, but we’ll see where this goes. 2005-03-14

Phase 2

I liked the direction things were headed with yesterday’s tune, so I’m working on taking it further. I re-recorded the bed, added bass and removed the lead guitar. I’ll continue to reveal the progress of this track as it develops. 2005-03-13


Fairly simple setup, almost the same as 2005-03-03: simulation of a Space Echo and the reverb from Domkyrken. The instrument is just a Strat and an ebow, with no additional processing. 2005-03-12