Monthly Archives: February 2005


I keep returning to this over and over again. It’s the piano solo from the song “Portsmouth” from the album “Stuff.” Which you can buy at the iTunes Music Store. It was recorded using an Atari ST and the Hotz Translator software. This time re-realized in Garageband. So, here’s 2005-02-10.

Once again

Anyway, here’s the tune for the 9th, 2005-02-09.

Problem solved

The bandwidth problem has been solved thanks to The existing links have been changed from torrents to direct downloads, so you should be able to get instant gratification now. I’m still working out all the logistics, so new songs won’t start until the weekend.


Help is on the way regarding downloads. More news soon. I’ll be pausing the project until the bandwidth solution is finished. I’m hoping to start uploading again by this weekend.

And another

2005-02-08 is a little old and a lot new. By the way, it’s the day after my birthday.


When I have a massive migraine, playing the dijeridoo helps a lot. 2005-02-07 is the result of that. It’s my birthday, by the way.


2005-02-06 is a simple song for a Sunday. Recorded in Domkyrkan, thanks to Rayverb.


Here’s 2005-02-05. It’s Saturday. You figure it out.

The Trouble with Torrents

I know that the torrents aren’t working as they should. I’ve uploaded a new set that are point at a different tracker. We’ll see how that does.

Deep in the Brazilian Jungle

2005-02-04 is a little different. It’s just on the border of being ambient. Maybe it should be called Drum ‘n’ Bossa (Bossa ‘n’ Bass?) Anyway, it’s Friday and time to dance! This is a collaboration between me and David Azarch, the DJ from the Mudd Club. Actually, it came from an idea from Lauren Amazeen, […]