Monthly Archives: February 2005

Networked networking

Not only are you listening to this over a network, it was created using one. The reverb is courtesy of Rayverb again, but this time it was running on my laptop while the sounds were running on my G4. I used a great thing called WormHole to send the audio between the two. 2005-02-18.

Enough with the bells!

As usual, doing the bell thing again. 2005-02-17.


Through the magic of time travel, I was able to go back and catch up on the tracks I missed. We are now complete up to today. By the way, don’t forget to click on the links to the right and donate a little to the cause.


A few quick ones to catch up. This one is so new, I haven’t even heard it yet. 2005-02-16.

And finally . . .

Got the one for the 15th, and we are all caught up. 2005-02-15.

Best of both worlds?

This is about as ambient as it gets. This is a remix of a bed I created for a corporate video I’ve been editing for the last week. 2005-02-14. I hope the podcasting side is working out. I’ve been editing the XML file by hand until the problem with .Mac and headers is worked out. […]

Fixed? is great, but the process is too slow for spontaneity. I’m trying .Mac now. It should solve the bandwidth issue, but it’s a little flaky on the podcast side. We’ll see how it works. I still owe you two tracks. We’ll catch up soon . . .

Lucky 13

Still racing from the past to catch up to the future. Here’s the missing tune for the 13th. 2005-02-13.


Catching up. Here’s the one for the 12th 2005-02-12.

Svensk rötter

Exploring my Swedish ancestry electronically. Here’s a sort of Drum ‘n’ Nykelharpa thing. 2005-02-11.