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Sequence 4


Sequence 3


Sequence 2

Next entry in the series. 2005-08-22

Sequence 1

I got a handle on the processing from yesterday and this is the first result. This is the start of a series that are all generated from a single note. That note is run through a stack of processors, some at war with each other. Through the series, the note and the processing will stay […]


This is just a big mess. Just a live mic picking up lots of noises in the room and outside the window, feeding back, and then run through lots and lots of processing. It may be messy, but it’s kind of fun and pointing toward a whole setup that I’ll be working with for a […]

Environment 5

Last in the series. This is in an impossible room: huge, made of tin with almost 0% humidity. 2005-08-19

Environment 4

Not such a huge space, but some really interesting resonances. 2005-08-18 By the way, I’ve been looking at Digital Musician, a service that allows musicians to collaborate online. I used the Rocket Network a few years ago to collaborate with David Azarch in NYC to create the Bossa ‘n’ Bass track from the early days […]