Monthly Archives: June 2005

Up to old tricks

I can’t help it, but whenever I do something with strings, I have to slow it way down and make it soft. 2005-06-20


A little formal dance music. 2005-06-19


Aliens have abducted my track. 2005-06-18

Ear candy

I really love Garageband. It’s so fun to use to make music, it’s like a toy. It’s really good for blowing out the cobwebs and having a little fun with no pressure. 2005-06-17

Too many cosmos

As the night drags on, things start to get a little weird. 2005-06-16

Back again?

We take a trip down memory lane to the Piano Lounge. Things are pretty much the same, except it’s summer now and they’ve got the windows open. 2005-06-15 I have reached the 1/3rd point by the way – 122 tunes. I hardly believe it myself.

Flutter guitar revisited

Going back a couple months – this is that big guitar wash. I’ve done a bit of tweaking with the timing and totally changed the mix. I know there’s something in here, I’ve just got to find it. 2005-06-14

The son of feedback machine meets godzilla

The didjeridoo is creeping back in in this one. 2005-06-13

The son of feedback machine

Still playing around with this. The didjeridoo has disappeared, but it is still controlling all the processing. 2005-06-12

The feedback machine meets the long wooden tube

The feedback machine returns, this time added to the didjeridoo track I’ve been working on. 2005-06-11