Monthly Archives: June 2005

Oh, my head . . .

Another migraine track. 2005-06-23

Swoopy, bloopy noises

This is a test of a few things – I’m using JunXion from Steim to turn a game joystick into a MIDI controller. Its controlling a synth and some effects plugins. The other thing I’m testing is Soundflower, an audio routing program for the Mac. I’m using it to route the audio out of and […]

I just couldn’t help myself

I just had to stick the strings into the feedback machine to see what happens. 2005-06-21

Up to old tricks

I can’t help it, but whenever I do something with strings, I have to slow it way down and make it soft. 2005-06-20


A little formal dance music. 2005-06-19


Aliens have abducted my track. 2005-06-18

Ear candy

I really love Garageband. It’s so fun to use to make music, it’s like a toy. It’s really good for blowing out the cobwebs and having a little fun with no pressure. 2005-06-17