I’m John Maxwell Hobbs and I have  been working at the intersection of art and technology for more than 20 years.

This site contains my musical efforts released under the name, “Cinema Volta,” my personal thoughts on the state of the media industry and some random ranting as well. I’m currently the Head of Technology for BBC Scotland. These posts don’t reflect the opinions of my employer, but are most certainly informed by my job.

You’ll find the entire archive of Daily Ambience, the year-long music project I did. As an exploration of ambient music and the limits of my own creativity, I composed and released a new song each day for a year.

Sometimes these songs were sketches, sometimes full-blown compositions, it all depended on my inspiration and my available time. This project began on 30 January, 2005 and ran for a year’s worth of songs. I hope you enjoy it.

Under the heading of “Sporadic Outbursts,” you’ll find some of the new material I’ve been working on.