Tube – didjeridoo and electronics
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Migraine 1
Soho 2
Migraine 2
Soho 1
Late Spring
Soho 3
Fort Washington 1

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A mixture of the old and the new, the organic and the digital, Tube is a collaboration between the oldest musical instrument in the world – the didjeridoo and the newest – the computer.It is also a collaboration between John Maxwell Hobbs, David Gamper of the Deep Listening Band and See Hear Now, and David Azarch, the former DJ of the Mudd Club.After having worked with computer music for 15 years, I needed a break from technology. With a little help from Stu Dempster of the Deep Listening Band, I taught myself how to play the didjeridoo.Why didjeridoo? Because it’s not made by humans, it’s made of a eucalyptus branch hollowed out by termites. Humans are only involved in the selection and decoration of the instrument; the individual character of each didj comes from nature.John Maxwell Hobbs
March 2004