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stuffcover Stuff – ambient electronic music “Pure ambient heaven . . .”- eMusic.

June 3rd
Columbus Circle
June 7th

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“Stuff” is a collection of recordings made over the past twelve years recorded on equipment that reflects thirty years of music technology. The oldest tracks were done using such equipment as Atari computers, a TEAC multitrack recorder, a Roland Space Echo, a Yamaha CS 70, and a Juno 60 among other items. The most recent were done entirely within an Apple G4.
Some tracks took ten years to complete, sitting on a shelf until computer technology had developed enough to put the last, slippery bit in place.
The tracks “June 3rd and “June 7th” had a rocky ride. On June 15th, 1992, during a session, my Atari Mega Ste started to make a loud grinding noise before shutting down completely. This noise was caused by the read head of the hard drive deciding to switch careers and become a metal lathe. The head gouged a deep groove in the disk, and completely destroyed all data.
All that was left was two glitchy cassette dubs of the two “June” tracks. That cassette sat in a box for seven years while computer software and processors improved amazingly. Finally, the tools were available (and affordable) to rescue and improve the two tracks.
In its combination of analog and digital technology, “Stuff” marks both an end and a beginning for Cinema Volta.John Maxwell Hobbs
March 2004