Music From The Kitchen

Music From The Kitchen – Soundtracks from performances
kitchencover Music From The Kitchen – Soundtracks from performances

Basetime 1 – Sleep
Basetime 2 – Work
Basetime 3 – Entertainment
Basetime 4 – Travel
Prisoners of Grace

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“Music From The Kitchen” is five tracks composed for performances held in the mid 1990’s at The Kitchen, the world renowned avant-garde performance space in NewYork City.The first four pieces, the “Basetime” series were composed for “Hybrid #1,”an evening of experimental performance, music, and visual art that was curated by Kathryn Greene.The final piece, “Prisoners of Grace,” was created for a dance piece of the same name, choreographed by JoAnn Fregalette Jansen.These would be the last compositions I would do before moving over to a completely digital system. “Prisoners of Grace” involved no sequencing at all; it was improvised one layer at a time onto a  1/4″ four track tape deck. The “Basetime” pieces were sequenced using an Atari Mega STE, a Kawai K1r and lots of analogue outboard effects.John Maxwell Hobbs
March 2004