May 12

Blast from the past

Years ago in New York City, I had a funk band called, Your Monkey’s Not Funny. At various times it was called, Calamity Jane, Magnetic Dog Sisters, Spiny Norman (and once Spiny Richard due to confusion on the part of the booker at CBGB.)

Various members at times included Steffen Franz, David Azarch, Tom Hamilton, Marc Solomon, and at a couple of rehearsals, Jim Fourniadis of Rats of Unusual Size.

The final line up (before crashing and burning) was:

John Maxwell Hobbs: keyboards, percussion, guitar, some vocals
Joe Salters: vocals
Greg Wood: guitar
Michael Johnston: drums
Kate Green: guitar
Fiona Doherty: bass

After the band broke up, Joe, Michael, Greg, and I recorded some demos. They only took 25 years to complete. Michael’s drums were all recorded live on a homemade MIDI kit built out of a set of original Simmons pads and the triggers from a Mattel Synsonics drum synth. Joe is responsible for all the vocals apart from the female background vocals which were done by his ex, through a harmoniser. I played keys, bass, percussion, guitar, and did all the recording and mixing. Greg played the amazing guitar track on Trying To Get Over.

Here they are: