October 22

I’ll be speaking at the International Association of Broadcast Manufacturers annual conference in November.

The IABM Blog

John Maxwell Hobbs is the Head of Technology for BBC Scotland and is a keynote speaker at the IABM Annual Conference next month. We took the opportunity to ask him a few questions:

1.)    Please can you us tell a bit about yourself, your organisation and your role?

I’m the Head of Technology for BBC Scotland. BBC Scotland is the national broadcaster for Scotland, serving 10% of the population of the UK with three television channels, two radio services as well as online services. We create national opt-out content as well as contribute a significant portion of the BBC’s network programmes. We create television and radio programmes in English and Gaelic.

As Head of Technology, I’m responsible for anything with a mains plug or an on/off switch, or so it seems some days. In actuality, my patch covers broadcast engineering, IT and broadcast infrastructure, distribution and transmission, and IT services…

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